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Café Gourmet event recognises outstanding coffee farmers in Honduras

Volcafe's Honduran company holds an annual event to honour and encourage coffee farmers.

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Coficom hosts ‘Meet the producers’ event with guests from Brazil, Mexico

Our local company is building the coffee community in Australia.

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Volcafe Way farmers and technicians in their own words

Farmers and technicians reflect on our Volcafe Way farmer support programme

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Reforestation project in Honduras

One million trees are to be planted within five years, in an effort to promote agroforestry, mitigate the effects of climate change, and improve coffee farmer resilience.

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Volcafe reorganises responsibilities of its Senior Leadership Team

Green coffee merchant better leverages the experience and expertise of its Senior Leadership Team to support growth

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Coffee and agroforestry alliance (re)generates impact for post-conflict farmers in Colombia

Natural corridors emerge as farmers mix coffee with native trees at their farms

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Peter Schoenfeld, S.A.


Peter Schoenfeld, S.A. is Volcafe's local coffee company in Guatemala.

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Volcafe Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Volcafe Costa Rica / Café Capris is our local company in Costa Rica.

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Molinos de Honduras


Molinos de Honduras is Volcafe's local company in Honduras.

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Volcafe Specialty Coffee Corp

Volcafe Specialty

Volcafe Specialty is our U.S.-based specialty coffee company.