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PNG Coffee Exports Ltd

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PNG Coffee Exports Ltd

PNG Coffee Exports is Volcafe's local company in Papua New Guinea.

PNG Coffee Exports Ltd has been in Papua New Guinea since 1979, making us the longest serving exporter in the country.

Growing regions: Eastern Highlands, Enga, Jiwaka, Morobe, Simbu, Southern Highlands, and Western Highlands
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Founded 1979

And part of Volcafe's 170+ year history.

Established primarily as a plantation coffee grade exporter, over the years we've developed a strong commitment to the communities where we work, adapting our approach to trade all forms and grades of coffee.

Our Lahamenegu factory is our central processing mill in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, which can process over 150,000 60kg green bean bags per year. This puts us in a good position to cater to the processing needs of our local suppliers and overseas buyers' requirements through the most demanding seasons. In 2021 we invested US$1.5m to upgrade our mill, further improving its efficiency and consistency.

We also have warehouses in Goroka with a capacity to clean and store 150,000 bags of green bean coffee. To cater to customer needs, we offer both colour- and hand-sorting options.

With more than 85 years of combined coffee experience in our management team, we cup coffee at the time of purchase, during processing, and prior to shipment to ensure the best quality is consistently delivered. We hold and process all our coffee export requirements in the Highland region to maintain the quality, and coffee for export is transported to the port city of Lae just prior to shipment.

We can offer the following coffee grades:

  • Fully washed plantation grades from controlled processing in our wet mills in the Western and Eastern Highland Provinces
  • Natural and honey grades from our Lahamenegu Wet Mill
  • Premium smallholder coffee grades from select regions of the Highlands with better farming practices
  • Mainstream to off grades from all coffee regions of PNG

Additionally, we have special lots on offer, including:

  • AAK Estate PSC AX
  • Paradise Mountain X
  • Ukuni Women Group
  • Airplane CoffeeLamana Naturals

Coffee flavour profile

  • Grades on offer are washed arabica coffee. 
  • Top end wet mill grades are fully washed with uniformity good body and acidity. 
  • Smallholder grades are sweet and citrusy. 
  • All with hints of wild fruit aromas.
Volcafe office in Papua New Guinea
  • We source, process, and export Arabica coffee
  • We provide technical assistance to coffee growers
  • We run a coffee quality lab
  • We handle transport logistics

Office Address

PNG Coffee Exports Ltd
Airport Road, Box 138
Goroka, EHP 441
Papua New Guinea

Tel: +675 7200 5965

Email: email hidden; JavaScript is required

General Manager

Sunil Machiah

Photo of Sunil Machiah

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Species / varieties


Altitude range

1500-1700 masl

Harvest dates



Wet mill, dry mill, cupping/quality lab, drying station

Number of farmers

15,000 farmers

Volcafe Way field team members

6 field team members

Certification qualifications

4C, Organic, Rainforest Alliance. C.A.F.E. Practices