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Taylor Winch (Tanzania) Ltd
Taylor Winch (Tanzania) Ltd

Taylor Winch (Tanzania) Ltd is Volcafe's local company in Tanzania.

We are one of the top exporters in Tanzania. We source a majority of our coffee from the thousands of farmers we support and source the rest through the Tanzania Coffee Auction.

Growing regions: North, Mbinga, Mbeya
Brand Logo

Founded 1996

And part of Volcafe's 170+ year history.

We are located in Moshi, where we run a dry mill to help us source coffees from the Kilimanjaro region; in Mbeya and Mbinga, where we have a big sustainability footprint; and Dar es Salaam, where we focus on execution (processing, quality analysis, and export).

We run three quality labs which allow us to provide a range of qualities throughout the season, from regional blends to microlots. We cup through offers from our farmers, and we cup over 500 lots in preparation for the regional auctions every week during peak season (August - February typically). Our quality team then selects the right coffees and creates blends from estates and AMCOSes (cooperatives) based on the needs of our clients.

Our sustainability team works with the farmers conducting agronomy and coffee quality/processing trainings. Our trainings have helped the groups to improve and maintain their cup profile.

Coffee flavour profile

  • Pleasant aroma
  • Bright acidity and sweetness
  • Medium body
Great Place To Work Certificate
Coffee farmers in Tanzania
  • We source, process, and export Arabica coffee
  • We provide technical assistance to coffee growers
  • We run a coffee quality lab

Office Address

Taylor Winch (Tanzania) Ltd
Plot 54-66
Viwanda street
Moshi, Tanzania

Tel: +255 272 751 221

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General Manager

Zippy Irungu

Photo of Zippy Irungu

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Species / varieties

Arabica (75%) main varieties are Bourbon and Kent. Other varieties include Typica, Nyassa, SL 28 and 34 and N39

Altitude range

1200-2000 masl

Harvest dates

South Tanzania: May-September. North Tanzania: July-December


Cupping/quality lab, dry mill, warehouse/processing facility

Volcafe Way Business Model Farms

9 business model farms

Volcafe Way field team members

9 permanent field staff

Number of farmers

15,000+ farmers

Certification qualifications

Organic, Rainforest Alliance/UTZ. C.A.F.E. Practices