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Volcafe reorganises responsibilities of its Senior Leadership Team

Volcafe's Czerny, Scharrer, and Homberger

Michael Czerny, Tim Scharrer, and Carlos Homberger from Volcafe's Senior Leadership Team.

Green coffee merchant better leverages the experience and expertise of its Senior Leadership Team to support growth

In the pursuit of excellence and an optimal allocation of our resources, Volcafe has decided to reorganise the responsibilities of its Senior Leadership Team. These changes are designed to harness Volcafe’s strengths in the areas where they can yield the most substantial results.

In conjunction with his current role of managing Volcafe’s operations in Asia-Pacific, Michael Czerny will assume additional responsibilities and oversee the origin operations in Africa. Michael's primary focus will be on driving operational efficiency within our African operations while nurturing the trading skills of the team.

Tim Scharrer, in his role of Regional Director, will continue to oversee Volcafe’s European operations and will now take on the additional responsibility of managing our destination businesses in North America. Tim's strategic vision will be crucial as the company works towards a unified global approach for our specialty and destination offices. Additionally, in his capacity as Chief Operating Officer, Tim will assume oversight responsibility for Volcafe’s Sustainability and Global Supply Chain functions. In this key role, Tim will work to standardise and reinforce best practice throughout our organisation with regard to the purchase, processing, movement, and sale of the coffee that flows through our supply chain.

Carlos Homberger, in his role as Regional Director, will intensify his focus on further developing and growing our operations in Brazil, recognising its significance to our overall business. Concurrently, he will spearhead the efforts to stabilise and grow our businesses in Guatemala and Peru.

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