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ED&F Man Volcafe Peru

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ED&F Man Volcafe Peru

ED&F Man Volcafe Peru is our local company in Peru.

Volcafe Peru offers a wide range of coffees by focusing on direct sourcing from sustainable supply chains involving more than 6,000 coffee-producing families.

Growing regions: Amazonas, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Cusco, Junin, Pasco, San Martin
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Founded 1992

And part of Volcafe's 170+ year history.

Peru’s coffee regions are located between the Andean Mountain range and the Amazon rainforest, which means that numerous natural habitats allow a vast cultural and ecological wealth to coexist in one diverse and exuberant country, characterised by its rich ethnic legacy.

Volcafe Peru has impacted the socioeconomic conditions of more than 6,000 coffee-producing families from Pasco, Junin, Amazonas, San Martin and Cajamarca regions – thanks to permanent technical assistance that is directly linked to sustainable supply chains.

The cultural diversity of our team helps us to contribute with a broad vision and pragmatic approach that guarantees continuous improvement throughout the value chain. Our team has created numerous work opportunities throughout the rural communities of Peru, allowing local talent to access formal employment and high-quality, continuous training.

Volcafe has spearheaded a sustainable profitability approach that aims to boost productivity, quality, and resource efficiency at the farm level, coupled by a strong focus on regenerative practices and agroforestry systems.

Volcafe Peru focuses on direct sourcing from sustainable supply chains that are able to offer a wide range of coffees – from mainstream plus, to regional and high-end specialty coffees. We understand the needs of the coffee supply chain, therefore we have a Quality Control lab in every buying station and dry mill – this guarantees a consistent and stable quality. Our Quality Control and Agronomy team works side by side with coffee-producing families in order to provide necessary feedback and share best practices that allow them to improve sustainably and comply with the highest standards for responsible sourcing.

  • We source, process, export, and sell Arabica coffee
  • We provide technical assistance to coffee growers
  • We run a coffee quality lab
  • We handle transport logistics

Office Address

ED&F Man Volcafe Peru
Av. Pedro Ruiz Gallo 124c / 125a, Santa Clara, Ate, Lima, Peru

Tel: +51 (1) 356 44 54

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General Manager

Roberto Ortiz Calvo

Photo of Roberto Ortiz Calvo

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Species / varieties

Arabica: Catimor, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pache, Typica. In smaller quantities: Colombia, Castillo, Geisha, Mundo Novo, Pacamara, Catigua, Obata, CR 95, Sarchimor, Tupi, Tabi, Villalobos, Lempira, Maracatiá, Parainema

Altitude range

1200-1580 masl

Harvest dates



Dry mill, cupping/quality lab, drying station

Number of farmers

6,000+ farmers

Volcafe Way Business Model Farms

115 Volcafe Way model farms

Volcafe Way field team members

30 field team members

Certification qualifications

Fairtrade (FLO ID 40859), Fair Trade USA (ID: 1022789), Organic (EU, USDA NOP/Canada, Peru), Rainforest Alliance

We believe in a responsible citizenship that seeks a better future for our next generations, hence our non-profit organisation (VSP Generaciones) and strategic partner (Semillas) have built 14 state-of-the-art and award-winning schools in the remote coffee villages of the Peruvian rainforest. 

More than 1,000 children have been directly impacted by these fascinating projects.

Santa Elena school project