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Yunnan Volcafe Co., Ltd. (云南沃尔咖啡有限责任公司)

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Yunnan Volcafe Co., Ltd. (云南沃尔咖啡有限责任公司)

Yunnan Volcafe is our coffee origin operation in China.

Formed in 2014, Yunnan Volcafe is a marriage between Simao Arabicasm Coffee Co’s (SACCO) excellent working relationship with local producers and Volcafe’s global coffee expertise and networks.

Growing regions: Pu'er, Yunnan
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Founded 2014

And part of Volcafe's 170+ year history.

Yunnan Volcafe’s expertise spans green coffee procurement and preparation, quality control, risk management and logistics. Our team has nine people, six of them women, working to provide different types of coffee (like wet-processed, anaerobic-fermented and honey-processed coffee) to domestic and international customers.

Yunnan Volcafe aims to continue helping farmers in Yunnan – probably the most diverse province of China, with many farmers from minority communities such as the Hani, Lahu, Wa, and Yi – to make the most of their coffee in a sustainable way. Yunnan Volcafe has succeeded in establishing a Rainforest Alliance cluster with over 600 metric tonnes of certified production in the Pu’er region.

With warehousing space for 4,000 metric tonnes of arabica, processing machinery with 10,000 metric tonnes of parchment capacity, state-of-the-art colour sorting machinery, and patios for sun drying coffee parchment, Yunnan Volcafe is able to ensure high quality consistency for both local and international clients.

Coffee flavour profile

  • Almond, chocolate, nut taste
  • Medium acidity
Yunnan Volcafe office
  • We source, process and export Arabica coffee
  • We provide technical assistance to coffee growers

Office Address

Yunnan Volcafe (云南沃尔咖啡有限责任公司)
No.4 Chawang Road,
Pu'er Munaihe Industrial Zone,
Yunnan province, China

 +86 (879) 8246678

Trading Desk:
Alicia DENG, +86 (879) 8246618

General Manager

柳燕 (Shirley LIU)

Photo of 柳燕 (Shirley LIU)

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Species / varieties

Arabica (Catimor)

Altitude range

1000-1200 masl

Harvest dates



Dry mill, cupping/quality lab

Number of farmers

1,000+ farmers

Certification qualifications

Rainforest Alliance CQC22RA0003R0S/5300