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Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd

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Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd

Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd is Volcafe's local company in Uganda.

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Founded in 1992, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd is Uganda's oldest licensed coffee exporter.

Growing regions: Mt Elgon, Rwenzori, Masaka
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Founded 1992

And part of Volcafe's 170+ year history.

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We source and export some of the finest conventional and certified Robusta and Arabica (washed and natural) coffee from all the country's major growing regions.

Coffee is an important cash crop in Uganda, with an estimated 1.7 million farmers cultivating more than 90 percent of the production. Uganda, blessed with two rainy seasons and a diverse range of agro-ecologies, offers the world a year-round supply of Arabica and Robusta coffee. Its high altitude and cool equatorial climate favours slow ripening, giving rise to some of Africa's most superior coffees produced by smallholder growers.

Through our sustainability initiatives, we work directly with farming communities in the Mt Elgon, Greater Rwenzori, and Greater Masaka regions, providing technical assistance to address farm productivity and quality, climate change impact, and social challenges and risks.

Coffee flavour profile

  • Robusta has a rich aroma, a full chocolatey body typically with caramel and nutty notes.
  • The Natural Arabica, commonly referred to as Drugar (DRy UGanda ARabica), is described as sweet with dark berry fruity notes and low acidity
  • The Washed Arabica has a rich full body is well balanced with citric flavour notes.
New planting
  • We source, process, export, and sell Arabica and Robusta coffee
  • We provide technical assistance to coffee growers

Office Address

Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd
Kampala Industrial and Business Park
Namanve, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: +256 (0) 312 265251

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General Manager

Jeremy Mpalampa

Photo of Jeremy Mpalampa

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Species / varieties

Arabica, Typica, SL 14, SL 28, Kent. Robusta, Nganda and Erecta. 

Altitude range

Arabica 1200-1900 masl. Robusta 900-1300 masl

Harvest dates

Arabica: September-February. Robusta: October-January, May-July


Wet mill, dry mill, drying station, cupping/quality lab

Number of farmers

35,000 farmers

Volcafe Way Business Model Farms

350 business model farms

Volcafe Way field team members

110 field team members

Certification qualifications

Rainforest Alliance. C.A.F.E. Practices, Nespresso AAA