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Volcafe Iberia, SA

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Volcafe Iberia, SA

Volcafe Iberia is our local company in Spain.

Volcafe Iberia SA is part of the Volcafe Ltd Group and was created back in 2010 to focus on the Spanish, Portuguese, Moroccan, French and Tunisian markets.

Markets covered: include Spain, France, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia
Brand Logo

Founded 2010

And part of Volcafe's 170+ year history.

Located in the heart of Madrid, the team is comprised of 8 passionate coffee lovers committed to providing a high-quality service standard and to being the best partners to their clients. With the collaboration of Volcafe sister companies, the Madrid office can provide access to more than 85 percent of global coffee production. Volcafe Iberia trades approximately 18 to 20 metric tonnes of green coffee annually. With Barcelona its main stock hub, Volcafe Iberia also ships coffees to key ports such as Lisbon, Casablanca, Le Havre, Antwerp… 

Every week, green coffee samples from origin (such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uganda, Kenya, Vietnam, and many more…) are received and roasted in our coffee laboratory. The team cups the coffees to evaluate and control the quality that is going to be delivered to clients.

Fun facts about our Madrid office

  • Approximately 550 samples annually are received from over 23 different origins at the Madrid office.
  • More than 60 percent of imported coffee traded by the Madrid office is Robusta, mainly from Vietnam and Uganda. 
  • The team's diversity makes it possible to interact in four different languages: Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese!
Our Spanish office
  • We import and sell coffee
  • We run a coffee quality lab
  • We handle transport logistics

Office Address

Volcafe Iberia
Calle Jose Abascal 58, 3º Izda.
Madrid 28003, Spain

Tel: +34 911559687

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General Manager

Francisco Gimeno

Photo of Francisco Gimeno

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