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Solar dryers in Honduras

45 dryers installed in three months

A farmer inspects beans inside a solar dryer

A farmer inspects beans inside a solar dryer Image: Molinos de Honduras

Greenhouse-like structures help indigenous communities to raise coffee quality.

In Honduras we are supporting the Pech and Tolupanes communities – two indigenous communities – with our solar dryer project. 

We supplied them with the materials and training they needed to build solar dryers. The project is managed by our sister company, Molinos de Honduras. Eight producer groups (four in each community) are benefitting from the dryers.

Because of resource constraints the two communities have been using traditional processing methods. With these new solar dryers, we were able to increase the consistency and quality of the coffee. The solar dryers provide shelter from the elements while also drying the coffee away from excessive moisture, which preserves the beans' flavour and colour.

There is an urgent need for solar dryers across the world. Volcafe companies have also installed dryers in Peru and Papua New Guinea.

One of the newly inaugurated solar dryers

One of the newly inaugurated solar dryers Image: Molinos de Honduras

Farmer inside solar dryer

Farmers can improve the consistency of their beans by using solar dryers. Image: Molinos de Honduras

Interior of a solar dryer

The beans are protected from moisture, pests, and other potential sources of spoilage. Image: Molinos de Honduras


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